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.f.REeFUND check_ is a project by the artist .-_-. , speculating on an alternative economy for cultural productions, which would influence other fields of life.

. . “think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer.” Richard Stallman

. copyleft attitude as introduced by free software movement prohibits the use of a free (as in “freedom”) work as a part of a non-free (proprietary) work by stating that the resulting work which benefits from a “free” work, must also be “free”_

. if a free work has an advantage over non-free competitors, then new work developers will want to take advantage of it and they will have to make the final work free. this way it aims to free all the software by creating valuable free work. so, richard stallman, the founder of free software foundation, asks the free software community to license their work with standard GNU GPL, which guarantees a free work to be free forever, not with GNU Lesser GPL, which permits the use of a free software as a part of non-free software. GNU Lesser GPL was designed for special cases, where the free work doesn’t feature an advantage over non-free competitors. read more about this issues on the Philosophy of GNU Project.

position of .f.REeFUND check_ has an analogy to GNU Lesser GPL. if a free work is asked to be exhibited as a part of a non-free event, then the author may ask the organizer to refund some amount of the entrance fee to those who has chosen to be there for the experience of the “free work” . non-free here doesn’t mean that there should be no payment for the event, but points the situation where people are not free to decide if they should pay or not with their free will, or how much to pay.

. .f.REeFUND check_ and .donate?_ projects work as complementary to each other in some cases_ check out the .donate?_ project or read about how both projects may work together_